Alligator Eats Gar Fish

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Alligator Gar Fish eaten by big gator as the monster reptile bites down and swallows the gar fish whole. Alligator caught on film Marina Scarr a wildlife photographer from Florida, captured the amazing images at the Myakka River in South Florida

An alligator gar fish happens pick the wrong time to jump out of the water as he lands directly into a hungry gator's mouth. The alligator bites down and flipped the fish around a while until it was in the right position to swallow it whole. An unlucky day for the fish and probably the easiest meal this gator will ever have.

The water levels of the river have been very low lately which inspired Marina to visit the area to snap photos. After spending 3 8 hours days waiting some something interesting to happen, she was witness this spectacular scene

If you like wildlife photography as much as I do, check out Marina Scarr's photography website, you can find her link below.

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