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Full Video: Boy Falls In Gorilla Cage

After falling into the gorilla enclosure, a four-year-old boy was dragged through the water by a silverback gorilla. Though the gorilla appeared to be attempting to shelter the boy, eventually authorities had to kill him.

Casa Linda Apartments interview - It's Poppin! Ah man, the building is on fire! Michelle Dobyne

Published on Jan 10, 2016
Michelle Dobyne Hilarious News Interview from News on 6. Casa Linda Apartments interview - News on 6 - It's Poppin! Ah man, the building is on fire! She said hey, somethings wrong it's poppin' and I was like whaat?? Yeah, and I was like nah! She said Ahh Maan! Lawd it's a fire Part 2! Tulsa, Ok

The greatest llama chase of the 21st Century

Published on Feb 26, 2015
Sun City, Arizona: Domesticated camelids elude authorities, draw onlookers in the greatest llama chase of the 21st Century.

Cops turn backs on de Blasio at funeral

Published on Dec 27, 2014
Several police officers turned their backs to the big screens outside Officer Ramos' funeral when Mayor de Blasio spoke.

Ebola Scare on US Airways Flight 845 from Philadelphia to Punta Cana

Published on Oct 9, 2014
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Michigan Man Hosts Party of the Century

Published on Aug 4, 2014
Michigan Man Hosts Party of the Century
August 4, 2014

"Apparently" This Kid is Awesome, Steals the Show During Interview

Published on Aug 4, 2014
Noah Ritter from Wilkes-Barre steals the show from Newswatch 16's Sofia Ojeda during an interview at the Wayne County Fair.


Bomb Explodes Right Near Anderson Cooper During Live Report From Gaza

Published on Nov 18, 2012 by 
Anderson Cooper was reporting live from Gaza on Sunday night, when he had a close call with the conflict that's escalating in the region. In the midst of his report, a large explosion went off nearby.

Cooper instinctively ducked, remarking, "That was a rather large explosion" a few seconds later. "That was probably the largest explosion that we've heard just in the past, really in the past hour," he added. "There have been a number explosions in the last hour or two."

Without skipping a beat, Cooper continued to offer information on the situation.

Watch below, via CNN:

Great White Shark Washes Up on New England Shore

Published on Sep 3, 2012 by 
A Massachusetts marine biologist who examined a 13-foot great white shark carcass found ashore near the Rhode Island state line wasn't able to determine how the shark died, state officials said Sunday.

State biologist Greg Skomal performed a necropsy on the 1,500-pound male shark Saturday and found no signs of trauma. A fisherman discovered the carcass Saturday morning on a rocky shoreline in Westport, less than a half-mile from public beaches in Little Compton, R.I.

"They will have a difficult time, if at all, figuring out how he was killed," said Krista Selmi, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

Little Compton officials closed Goosewing and South Shore beaches after the shark was found. Both beaches reopened Sunday and police sent out a patrol boat to watch for other sharks.

Selmi said officials plan to leave the shark's body where it is.

"There's really no means to move an animal of that size," she said.

The shark appeared to have washed ashore Friday night, Selmi said. The carcass is below the high tide level, and officials hope the tide drags the shark back out to sea.

Shark sightings have been rare in the area. But further east, there have been numerous reports of sharks off Cape Cod. In July, a man was bitten on his legs by a great white shark while swimming off Ballston Beach in Truro, Mass.

L-39 crash at airshow in Davenport Iowa

Published on Sep 2, 2012 by 
Glenn Smith left a lucrative job at a Dallas-area technology firm for an early retirement of restoring Soviet fighter jets and flying to exhibitions across the country.
He died Saturday when his nearly 30-year-old training plane nosedived during an air show in eastern Iowa and crashed into a field, authorities said. Spectators watched the 59-year-old Smith's plane erupt into flames, followed by a cloud of gray smoke. Nobody on the ground was hurt.
Smith had been flying in formation with other members of the HopperFlight team at the Quad-City Air Show in Davenport.
The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash. Senior air safety investigator Aaron Sauer said Sunday that a preliminary report on the crash is expected within a week, but a final report will likely take several months.
He said inspectors would examine the few remaining pieces of the plane, as well as Smith's autopsy and toxicology reports.
Smith did not make a mayday call or suggest any sign of distress before the crash, according to Sauer and Randy Ball, a good friend of Smith's.
Ball said Smith was a meticulous flier who would map every step of a flight plan beforehand.
"They practiced the day before and everything went fine," Ball said.
Smith was a longtime technology entrepreneur whose company was acquired by Tyler Technologies, a Dallas-based company that develops software for local schools and government clients, in 1998. He remained an executive at Tyler until 2006, the company said in a statement.
After retirement, Smith focused on collecting and flying vintage planes. He kept two rare Soviet MiG-17 fighter jets at the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum in Tyler, about 90 miles east of Dallas, museum president Carolyn Verver said.
Ball, who also owns a MiG-17, said he spent countless hours working on planes with Smith. Smith loved to preserve planes so others could see and appreciate them, Ball said.
"Those guys are literally using their own money to save a part of history and share that history with everybody else," he said.
Smith was also the newest member of the "Hoppers," according to the team's website. The Hoppers are a group of pilots who privately maintain and fly L-39 fighter jets at air shows and other exhibitions. The L-39 Smith flew Saturday was made by a company in the former Czechoslovakia in 1984, according to a Federal Aviation Administration registry.
"He kept it absolutely immaculate," Ball said.
Part of the Hoppers' mission is to introduce American audiences to planes produced and used by the country's former enemies, according to the website.
"It is important for people to remember and for young kids to learn, so that history does not repeat itself," the website said.
According to the HopperFlight site, Smith had been a pilot for a quarter-century and has a commercial pilot's license with an additional instrument rating certification. Details about Smith's flight history from the FAA were not immediately available Sunday.
A squadron of planes flew over the crash site Sunday in the "missing man" formation before the air show continued.

Raw Video: Woman, Son Rescued From Subway Tracks

Published on Aug 24, 2012 by 
A distracted woman who tumbled off the platform and onto the tracks in a Boston area subway stop with her 4-year-old son in her arms was rescued by quick-thinking commuters. (Aug. 24)

Love for Karen H Klein, Bus Monitor Abused by Middle School Students

As of the time of this post, more than $340,000 has been raised to support an elderly Bus Monitor, Karen H Klein, who was subjected to cruel taunts and insults hurled at her by the kids she was supposed to be monitoring.  

Somebody posted the video on the internet a couple days ago and it went viral currently with more than 2 million views.

Read More About The Story Here:

To Donate Money in Support of Karen, please visit this site: