Biggest Catfish Caught by Girl - Fish Record

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Biggest catfish ever caught by girl! World record largest freshwater fish no but biggest fish caught in UK by a woman. This huge cat-fish weighed 120 pounds and was 7 feet long!

In Oakwood Park lakes in Norfolk, a popular fishing area in the UK, a young woman breaks the record for the biggest freshwater fish ever caught in the UK by a female.

The 20 year old girl's name is Kirstin Hole, standing at 5'2" hooked a 7 foot giant catfish while fishing with her boyfriend, Lee Pollard. The stunning 120 pound monster catfish took over 1 hour to reel in which destroyed the previous record at 70 pounds.

The Oakwood Park Lakes are known for having some really big catfish. Here are some enormous catfish reeled in by other fisherman there. These cat-fish are massive!

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Girl Fishing Catches Record Breaking Catfish - Biggest Ever By Woman

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