Dash Cam shows Pensacola Police Office slamming girl into car? He was later fired and arrested

Published on Aug 18, 2012 by 
A Pensacola police K-9 officer was fired and arrested Friday after an investigation stemming from a police video that showed him slamming a woman whom he was arresting into the side of her car.

Christopher Geraci, 33, who had been with the department since March 2004, was seen grabbing the suspect in a hit-and-run by her left arm and strongly bashing her into the side of the car, then grabbing her hair and pushing her bodily into the car.

The woman, Abbi Bonds, 29, offered virtually no resistance.

She did not file a complaint against the officer and was not seriously injured. Rather, the violent encounter, caught on the dashboard camera of Geraci's squad car, was discovered during a routi

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