Hurricane Isaac Unearths early 20th Century Schooner called "Rachel"

Published on Aug 29, 2012 by 
Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf Coast and unearthed the early 20th century wooden Schooner called "Rachel" that is normally buried deep in the sand.

The storm surge and beach erosion caused the ship that has not been seen on the beach since Hurricane Ivan unearthed it.

Video includes footage of what is left of the wooden ship along with other various B-Roll footage from the Fort Morgan area along the coast in the storm surge.

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  1. Here’s some additional information about this ship in Ft. Morgan. I don’t know where the name “Rachel” arose; but we do know that this skeletal remains of this wooden ship possible was that of a Civil War blockade runner.

    The wooden ribs and metal spikes that hold it together have been underwater since the “War of Northern Aggression.” A northern warship had a squirmish with the blockade runner and sank it.

    It remained underwater, offshore, for centuries before Hurricane Ivan resurrected it to the beach during the storm in 2004. Pictures were taken; and some people had the audacity to steal pieces from the relic.

    It was washed out to sea later, only to be raised again by Hurricane Ike in 2008. We took pictures of the hulk and chased off treasure hunters during that episode.

    Then again, Hurricane Isaac raised the dead ship to the surface, 2012. It will be there until Mother Nature buries her at sea, awaiting the next “I” hurricane.

    Do you see a pattern there. Actually, these I-hurricanes happen every 4 years, just weeks apart on the calendar. How strange Life is.