The best cosplay of all time

Published on Nov 11, 2012 by 
You know how, outside car yard sales, they'll have those big inflatable stick figure people who flap around? Well, right towards the end of Brisbane Supanova 2012, I ran into this guy. He had *everyone* in stitches. :D

EDIT: Well now, this seems to have gained a little attention, hasn't it? I honestly can't believe this response to this video so far. It's not even been 48 hours since I uploaded it and my most recent count shows over 720,000 views. It's been popping up all over the place, including:

* NineMSN:
* BuzzFeed:
* Reddit:
* 9GAG:
* Trendolizer:

And even in GIF form:

ATTENTION: If you are the cosplayer in question, please make contact with me! I'd really like to be able to put a name to the face and make sure that you get the recognition you deserve. After all, you're the star of this video, I'm just the guy who happened to film it and was lucky enough for it to go viral.

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