Zipline Catapult

Published on Dec 13, 2012
Super thanks to my friends at Bluehouse Skis for helping make this video possible!!! They hooked us up with the skis, athletes, and boat house you see in the video!

Music was done by my awesome friends, Scott & Brendo.
Song Title: Synthia

Watch the behind the scenes/making of this video on my second channel. Here's the link down below!

This film was shot on a Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 7D, and an iPhone 4S.

All the POV shots were done with the new GoPro3 Black Edition!

This was shot all on a Canon 5D Mark III, and a Glidecam HD 2000.

I also had helping on camera get other shots:
Steve Wise
Jessica Powell
Creighton Baird

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