Real Home Surveillance Video of Forcable Home Entry and Burglary

Published on Dec 31, 2012
Video of three criminals breaking and entering my home. If you have any information about these individuals, you can provide information to Raleigh Police via Raleigh Crimestoppers.

At 00:15 - Criminals 2 and 3 check the back yard area while criminal 1 rings the doorbell 4 times. Criminals then congregate in the back yard and try kicking the back door one time.

At 1:36, Criminals 1 and 2 eventually kick in the door.

At 1:56 - Interior video of Criminals 1, 2, 3 entering the back door.

At 5:08 - Criminal 1 finally notices surveillance camera after a small lighted Christmas tree is turned on by a Clapper (apparently due to them making noise). He then covers his face, proceeds to turn the camera towards the wall and eventually cuts the wire.

The video ends after the criminals pour liquid bleach into the camera DVR box, shorting the electronics and charring the cables.

The hard drive survived.

At this time they have not been caught.

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