Fish Comes Back To Life After Being Halfway Eaten

Published on Oct 15, 2015
The terrifying moment a fish jumps from a dinner plate has been captured on camera as a Japanese family eat sashimi.

At least it's fresh! Diners scream in shock when their half-eaten sashimi comes back to life and JUMPS off the plate

Japanese diners left shocked when fish jumps off the dinner plate

The video was posted online and shows the fish shaking before it jumps

The cameraman screams in terror before rushing away

Diners were left shocked when their raw fish jumped off the plate just as they began to eat their meal of fresh sashimi.

In a clip, the fish can be seen lying on the plate before its fin begins to shake. The fish's body then leaps from the plate entirely, prompting a scream from the diners.

They were enjoying sashimi - a Japanese delicacy of raw fish - before the incident happened.

At the end of the clip, the cameraman gets a fright as the fish jumps, and people can be heard screaming while moving away.

The video then cuts out as the diners rush away.

The footage has nearly 1,500 comments on it with many saying it is 'creepy' but 'cruel' to video it.

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