Assassin Stunt Chase: Derek Barnes' Demo Reel

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I've been serving coffee and grilled cheese on film sets in Toronto for almost five years. Last summer I got one foot in the stunt door by working as a rigger on Total Recall. After meeting some amazing performers, I decided that I needed to up my game. A lot.


Half a year of training-my-ass-off later, I was ready to begin. Rather than waiting to land enough professional gigs to fill my demo reel, I decided to be proactive. With the help of some great friends, I put this video together to showcase my new skills and hopefully entertain a few people.

Derek Barnes
ACTRA Member
Visit for contact info.

James McDougall
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"Lafayette Blues"
by The White Stripes

Stunt Drivers:
James Morley
Des Barnes

Camera Operators:
Des Barnes
James Morley
James McDougall
Maggie McCormick
Adam Parlette
Brandon Crone
Corey Barnes
Jordan Canning
Jenn Burton
Jacqueline Davis
Chloe Payne
Veronica Barnes
Kelly Robinson

Special Thanks:
Monkey Vault Parkour Gym in Toronto, ON
Jennifer and Stephen of Chucker Hill Farms in Aurora, ON
That random guy at Bay & Adelaide who operated the slider for me
Chris Morley
Marie Claire Costaguta
Pam, Dave and Jake Barnes
Matt & Siobhan Richardson of Burning Mountain in Toronto, ON
Murphy the Dog & Scout the Horse

And an extra special thanks to all the security guards, employees and police who kindly chose not to call the cops or arrest me.

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