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Unbelievable Fish Story. Pike Eating Bass Frozen In Ice.

A week ago my brother and I took a neat picture of these 2 frozen fish in the ice and posted it on Facebook. The picture went viral on the internet and some thought this was faked. We decided to go back to the channel where we saw this and cut it out of the ice to share this neat phenomenon with everything.

Diver Swims To Bottom of World's Deepest Pool

On a single breath of air, Guillaume NĂ©ry explores the deepest pool in the world in Italy: Y40. The action is filmed on breath hold by his wife Julie Gautier.
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Swimming in the Lava Zone #LavaSwimming #Hawaii

From SFGate
"According to USGS experts, this is even more dangerous than it looks. 
But Hawaii native Kawika Singson looks right at home swimming next to the lava zone on Hawaii's Big Island. 
The video Singson posted on YouTube shows steam coming off the rocks as the water comes into contact with the hot lava.
Conditions weren't exactly calm that day. As each wave hits, Singson was thrashed around, often getting far too close for comfort to the lava zone.
Experts advise you should never get too close to a lava zone because the steam it emits when it mixes with water can be harmful to your health."

Swimming Sloth Searches For Mate #PlanetEarth #Nature

A pygmy three-toed sloth swims between mangroves on the island of Escudo on the hunt for a mate. 

The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think #Oceanography

The Ocean is a deep and scary world that is completely removed from most of our lives. In this video I explore just how deep the ocean actually is while discussing some of the strange life down there... and other just plain weird and odd things about the ocean. Feel free to leave any comments and share what you found interesting, or anything else you think that I should have added!

Woman survives shark scare during solo swim of Ka'iwi Channel!

Ranie Pearce was attempting to swim the Kaiwi Channel from Molokai to Oahu, Hawaii, when a tiger shark swam up on her and would not leave!

Whale breach nearly misses swimmer #WhaleBreach #CloseCall

Beau Pilgrim had the experience of a lifetime when a fully grown adult male Humpback Whale breached landing metres away while swimming and photographing. 

Great White Shark Gets Stuck In Cage With Diver Inside

On a recent great white shark cage diving trip we experienced a very rare event, a shark breaching the side of the cage. What might appear to be an aggressive great white shark trying to attack the cage, this is not the case. These awesome sharks are biting at large chunks of tuna tied to a rope. When a great white shark lunges and bites something, it is temporarily blinded. They also cannot swim backwards. So this shark lunged at the bait, accidentally hit the side of the cage, was most likely confused and not able to swim backwards, it thrust forward and broke the metal rail of the cage. There was a single diver inside the cage. He ended up outside the bottom of the cage, looking down on two great white sharks. The diver is a very experienced dive instructor, remained calm, and when the shark thrashed back outside the cage, the diver calmly swam back up and climbed out completely uninjured. The boat crew did an outstanding job, lifting the top of the cage, analyzing the frenzied situation, and the shark was out after a few long seconds. Everyone on the boat returned to the cages the next day, realizing this was a very rare event. The boat owner, captain, and crew are to be commended for making what could've been a tragic event into a happy ending. I'm sure God and luck had a bit to do with it too!

House on Fire Floating Down Flooded Creek in West Virginia

Shot by Amanda Carper. Flooding on Big Draft Road in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

New Trailer for The Shallows #Movies #Trailers #Sharks

Assume responsibility, know where you are going and make your own decisions. #TheShallows

Fish Caught With Snake In Mouth #SnakeBait

A fisherman got the shock of his life when he reeled in a catch and discovered a deadly SNAKE still alive in its mouth. Andy Warton, 44, was fishing on ANZAC Day weekend (April 23 – 25) around Melville Island in the Tiwi Islands in Australia’s Northern Territory. As he was being filmed bringing in an estuary cod Andy can be heard exclaiming ‘this is a cod and it’s got a snake in its mouth’. Andy, who is a keen Darwin-based recreational angler, then rescues the unlucky reptile from the jaws of the fish and throws them both back into the water.

Drone Fishing For Tuna

Pioneering game fishing from the beach using innovative techniques from above.

That Is NOT a Catfish on the End of the Line! #NotACatFish

See what I found on a noodle near our campsite. It wasn't what I expected. Kayaking and camping at Lake Fausse Point State Park, St. Martinville, La., will never be the same. Shot with GoPro Hero 3 on the afternoon of April 9, 2016, near Pack or Paddle Site 5. 

Massive undersea crab swarm #Oceanography

Massive undersea crab swarm caught on video for the first time

Link To Article:

When three scientists descended more than a thousand feet underwater in an exploration vessel off the coast of Panama, they expected to see many kinds of life. They'd chosen to explore the Hannibal Seamount, a flat-topped undersea mountain that's the ocean equivalent of a tropical jungle, rich with a diversity of animals and plants found nowhere else. Their submersible, the Deep Rover 2, has the look of a giant, transparent bubble; with the help of spotlights, they could peer out from every angle. But as they approached the northwest flank of the seamount, they saw something inexplicable on the ocean floor.

Golden Retriever Catches Fish By Luring It With a Piece of Bread

Rani is a golden retriever who has caught dozens of fish as well as some turtles. Watch her snatch a big bluegill out of the water.

She puts the bread right under her mouth for bait.

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Drone Footage of California Residential Buildings that May Fall In The Ocean Due To Erosion.

Published on Jan 23, 2016
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Filmed January 23, 2016 around 10:45am PST.
Esplanade Ave. in Pacifica, California

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Sneaker Wave Nearly Takes Out Beachgoers in Oregon

Published on Jan 24, 2016
Steve Raplee, the owner of the High Tide Cafe in Coos Bay, was recording the scene at the beach when a sneaker wave came in, sending him and others scrambling for safety. (Video courtesy of Steve Raplee)

Baby Orcas come to check out small rowboat (It was really scary)

Published on Dec 23, 2014
My buddies and I were crabbing off of the west coast of Anderson Island and even though we didn't really catch anything, we got to see the pod of orcas everyone has been talking about! We were in a little aluminum rowboat and we think that the sound of the rope being pulled along the side of the boat is what attracted the babies because right after we pulled up the pot the pod headed right for us.
Most of the fun from this video comes from how scared we (really just me) were so some profanity is used. WARNING: inappropriate words are used (the s-word) we are sorry but we were scared. However feel free to laugh at how I respond to a scary situation like this (I yell run even though we are in a rowboat) and enjoy the beautiful orcas at the beautiful Anderson Island! Others in the boat are Michael Niccum and Eugene Dight.


Hippo Vs Bull Shark Battle

Published on Oct 14, 2015
A small bull shark swims daringly close to a family of hippos in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This rare footage was captured by 30-year-old tour operator, Stacey Farrell from Heritage Tours and Safaris.

“During a hippo and crocodile safari on the St Lucia Estuary, we spotted a small bull - zambezi - shark swimming close to the hippo family. I stopped the boat along the bank as we were watching the pod of hippo return to the water”, says Farrell.

Bull sharks are unique in that they can live in both salt and freshwater, seeing them in the estuary is a common sight as this is where females will have their babies.

“Due to the hippo desiccating in the water there are generally a lot of fish between the hippos, so it would be the best place for the shark to be looking for a snack. The water was very muddy and the shark started bumping into the hippo which caused them to start attacking the shark. The shark was much faster and managed to get away at the last second”, Farrell continues.