Bird uses Bread To catch fish

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This video has stunned scientists around the world as this bird thinks critically just like a human to catch fish. Give a fish a piece of bread and it will won't be hungry for a day but teach it to fish...well you get it.
Brainy Bird Uses Bread as Bait While Fishing. That time a bird pooped on you while you just happened to be wearing a new cashmere sweater? That might not have been an accident. We already know some birds are smart enough to speak a bit and even perform basic tasks, but this somewhat frighteningly intelligent bird has figured out how to use bread as bait in order to catch fish. Just watch the cold, calculating patience and then wonder what other breakthroughs birds might be thinking up during all that downtime. It's probably only a matter of time before birds and dolphins team up and enslave us all.
It has learned to fish using bread. Now other species of egrets and herons are watching it and learning. They watch the bread and catch fish, and it is just a matter of time until they too will cast and adjust the bread. At one stage, there were 6 species watching. This could spread throughout the Caribbean.

I've spent a fortune on lures, bait, rods, etc for years and caught bumpkus. This little bird uses a lousy piece of stale bread and snaps up fish after fish. If this isn't a lesson in humility I don't know what is. Maybe I'll try stale bread next time and skip the fancy hardware. Heaven knows I can't do worse!
Bird uses bread to catch fish
bird vs fish
amazing bird
"bird uses bread to fish"

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