The Blob - Launching Humans 50 Feet High

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Video made possible by my friends at Contour cameras!

Check out the video Contour cameras shot with us with there brand new camera in this link below. All the POV shots were done with the BRAND NEW ContourROAM2 cameras! 200 bucks, 1080p, waterproof! Just saying :) p.s. I'm not paid to say that ;)

Music by Scott and Brendo: One Afternoon
Download it off iTunes in the link below!


This was all filmed in a coloboration with Contour cameras! We filmed this at Lake Powell Utah, at Bullfrog!

Thanks to my friend David Stevens for providing the houseboat. To buy one at Lake Powell check out the link below. They are some of the best houseboats on Lake
Powell, but maybe I am biased :)

We rented the blob from my friend Dan Gardner, here's a link to contact him for rentals.

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