My dog Tofu just recently discovered Beggin Strips

Published on Nov 22, 2012 by 
Edit #2 :

Her name is Tofu as my Fiance and I are vegetarians and, well you know. I actually own a vegan company here in Louisville called Morels The Vegan Butcher. We make vegan jerky that we sell all over the country ( Tofu isn't vegetarian though and to my knowledge has never had a Beggin Strip before. Some friends we had staying with us left her that bag.

Edit :

Holy crap thanks for all of the comments and tips! I've had video on my phone for years, and boy did I have a big TIL about turning the phone sideways. I'm still a little unclear by how that works so would appreciate a few more tips on that! For those asking how Tofu lost her leg, I have no idea. My fiance and I got her from the pound 4 years ago, and she still had stitches. They thought either a car hit her or she was abused. They found her roaming around the streets with her leg dangling :/ She's super fast, and has no idea she's missing a leg.

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