#JAMMIETIME : Holderness Family 2014 Christmas Video

Published on Dec 10, 2014
Here's our annual Christmas video newsletter. It's fast, crazy, and happy -- a lot like our 2014.
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ok it started with a job switch
working in my basement
10 feet away from our kids....

we start a company, video marketing
back to back desks in a tiny little office thing...
working one on one with your wife is pretty fun
but if i fart i cant blame it on anyone

started out by making videos in our jammies
then we ended up on national tv
won a turkey cookoff on abc's the chew....
made fun of matt lauer in today show's orange room..

and singing for monopoly my only regret...
look at that pit sweat...

its the end of the year and we love it...
its the end of the year and we love it
its the end of the year and we love it
jammie time

Lola's in second grade boy the years are whizzing by
starring on the swimming team specialty butterfly
had a frozen birthday party now shes seven years old
shoots a lot of basketball on a ten foot goal

roller coasters used to give my little girl a scare...
now she rides em all the time with her fists in the air...
lost both her front teeth now she got the big ones
suddenly she's really pretty and daddy wants a shotgun

ten years she'll be heading to the prom
and she'll be a foot taller than mom
its the end of the year and we love it...
its the end of the year and we love it
its the end of the year and we love it
so please dont whine....

Penn charles turning five...really likes transformers
and he likes to grab the mike turning into a performer
(penn charles) singing really fast and im singing really fast and im singing really fast...

a year away from kindergarden he's got a wild side...
suddenly his favorite things... kayaks water slides!
and he's on the soccer team... first he runs around
then after five minutes goes and lies on the ground....
offer him water
offer him a helping hand but he is down....

its the end of the year and we love it...
its the end of the year and we love it
its the end of the year and we love it
and i need wine....

kim gave it a try as a movie actress.
tried out for hunger games but she sounded like this. "Katniss everdeen."
didn't get the part but that's okay
she's working a lot of 15 hour days.
on the phone all week with CEO's
makin sure our company had some work making videos
making trips to hasbro HSN and FOX
also made sure our little ones had a lunchbox

even though i think it doesnt make any sense
in her spare time she reads youtube comments...

This year Penn got addicted to crossfit...
and he hasn't stopped telling me all about it...
finally I said id go and give it a chance
but jumping rope i... peed.... my pants

First time in 20 years away from an anchor desk
suddenly he's writing songs for FOX and CBS
in his bathrobe in this little dinky studio ...
hey, it works though.
it's been a great year but if next year sucks -- hope they'll hire us at starbucks!

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