McDonald's: Signs Commercial

Published on Jan 11, 2015
For years, McDonald's signs across the country have been used to spread messages of love, hope and respect. This is a collection of some of those signs.

The Signs:
‘Thank You Veterans’
A store owner in Bethesda, Maryland honors the brave men and women who served in the armed forces.

‘#Pray for Drew’
A McDonald’s restaurant takes part in a community-wide movement wishing for the speedy recovery of a local who was injured.

‘God Protect the USA / We Remember 9 11’
Various McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S. pay tribute to the those affected by the events of September 11th.

‘Keep Jobs in Toledo’
A McDonald’s in Toledo, Ohio implores a local factory to stay in town.

‘All of Us Weep for the Columbia Families’
After tragedy strikes the Space Shuttle Columbia, a McDonald’s in Houston mourns the seven astronauts who lost their lives.

‘Pink Arches’
A Chicago restaurant paints its Golden Arches pink in support of breast cancer research.

‘Pray for the Rescue of the Miners / God Gave Us a Miracle’
A McDonald’s reacts to the collapse of a Somerset, Pennsylvania mine and later the successful rescue of the trapped miners.

‘Boston Strong’
A Boston McDonald’s shows solidarity with the victims and the community in the wake of the 2013 tragedy.

‘We Will Be Back Soon’
After a flood devastates Watseka, Illinois, the message on a local McDonald’s sign reflects the resilient spirit of the town and its people.

After one of the worst hurricane seasons in Florida’s history, a local McDonald's announces its return to service.

‘Happy 30th Ed N Beth’
A Chesapeake McDonald’s congratulates a couple on their 30 year wedding anniversary.

‘It’s a Girl Rosalie Kay’
A central Illinois McDonald’s celebrates the community’s newest resident.

‘Welcome Home 442nd Fighter Wing’
After a tour in Afghanistan the 442nd is welcomed back to Knob Noster, Missouri.

‘Happy 95 Birthday Woody We Love You’
A McDonald’s celebrates the birthday of an adored Keller, Texas resident.

‘A Little Lovin Can Change a Lot’
An Oswego, Illinois McDonald's shares a simple, positive message with its community.

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